Of Short Attention Spans – #someonetellkenyans

Written by ATypicalKenyanGirl

A few days ago, Kenyans woke up to the news that their one and only beloved international airport,Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, was on fire. When it began at 5 AM it was a small fire that could be dealt with easily, but by the time I woke up at 8 AM the fire was still on. Eventually at 8:30AM  the breaking news headline read: Fire contained.

Well, this was hours after the fire began, clearly (captain obvious in the building). This just shows how much the fire brigade is given such little attention. How is it even possible for a whole fire truck to appear at a fire scene with no water to put out the said fire? Most of the fires that happen are rarely contained until they have dealt massive destruction and losses. Each year we have that one major fire incident which always starts as something small and then explodes into devastation. We expect it.
This is not the first time I have heard that the fire trucks arrived at a scene with no extinguishing water. We have the shortest attention span going on so we immediately forget about it until the next fire.  On the day of the event and possibly for a few days after, it will be a trending topic on twitter with all the hash tags and it will be the most updated thing on Facebook. The more tragic a situation the longer it will stay on people’s minds but never more than a week.

Sometimes, however,  people can go on and on about less tragic events! This just shows that most of the people are more interested in the things that do not really affect the country. Do you remember the #someonetellNigeria hash tag?  Just because our football players were not given the reception they expectedin Nigeria, the conversation and trending topics went on for weeks on end until it got lame.

When something significant happens it is only a one-day affair; something that will affect the economy of the country or the country as  a whole but we choose to talk about it for a day and then forget about it.

This was one of the reasons I quit twitter, at first. I was never really able to explain it to anyone but I was actually inflamed. The reason we are easily manipulated by our politicians is because they know we have the shortest attention span ever. #Someonetellkenyans they need to  focus on the issues that actually affect our country.

I am your typical Nairobi girl who tries to have a sense of humor,loves good coffee any day,talks too much and thinks she is way cooler than Arya Stark. I believe am an old soul placed in the wrong era.I enjoy my online one sided conversations on https://typicalkenyangirl.blogspot.com/ and I’m trying to re-learn twitter on @typicalkenyangi

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