Improving Your Credit Score


There are two ways to go about it: Hire a Pro– For less money than you spend on your cable bill you can hire a credit improvement expert, or other zen credit master, to conquer the fickle beast called “The Credit Score.” The upside: hiring a pro is faster, way easier and almost always more effective than going it alone. The downside: it’ll cost you a few pesos.

hire a pro

Do-It-Yourself– For most people, repairing credit themselves is about as interesting as watching paint dry. Nevertheless, there are those brave souls willing to spend time and energy to try it themselves. If that’s you, prepare to immerse yourself in books, internet discussion groups, self-help websites and “credit repair kits”. The upside: You save money and pick a new hobby. The downside: lots of research, followup and busy work. Plus you’ve got to stay right on top-of-it or procrastination will wipe out your shot at good credit faster than you can say “I should’ve hired the expert!”