Credit Score Perfection

If you’re working on your negative listings already, or if you don’t have negative listings, there’s lots of other stuff you can do to raise your score.   credit score perfection

In other words, repairing bad listings is job#1, but other things like tuning your account balances, are pretty important, too. (You can easily have a low score if you have no negatives- just because of these other factors.)

Unpaid Delinquent Accounts (collections, judgments, liens, charge-offs, repos, foreclosures)

Here’s a garden variety catch 22 for you: If you do pay these off, it might lower your score.
If you don’t pay them off, its hard to get them deleted – and sometimes they re-appear later.

…The answer: Pay or settle the debt on the condition that the company delete the listing from your report (not just show it “paid”) Be sure to get the agreement to delete in writing before you pay. (sometimes they’ll say they can’t delete, but they’re full of mularkey. Talk to the right supervisor and it’ll get done.