Writing a Dispute Letter

The Top Ten Commandments of Writing a Dispute Letter:   dispute letter

1. Thou shalt always indicate whether the dispute listing is being challenged as “not mine” or “not late”. The bureaus don’t understand anything else.

2. Thou shalt always tell the credit bureau of the desired outcome of thy dispute. Make sure they know if you want the negative listing completely deleted or just the late notes erased. One or the other.

3. Thou shalt always provide a reason for thy dispute. Just saying, “Please take it off” won’t do. You must give them some credible reason before they will investigate. You might say something as simple as, “I got my report and I simply don’t agree with it.”

4. Thou shalt not dispute every negative listing at the same time. Be patient. If you dispute all your bad credit at once, they’ll think you’re yanking their chain and they may toss your disputes. Challenge a few-at-a-time.

5. Thou shalt never sound like an expert. If you get fancy, quoting the law or laying some serious shakes-peare on them, they’ll think that you’re a credit repair pro and they’ll probably ignore your dispute. Write like Joe Average American and you’ll get better results.

6. Thou shalt become more insistent, more threatening with each dispute. You will probably write a new set of disputes every 90 days. Each time you should ratchet-up your temper by threatening complaints or legal action.

7. Thou shalt time thy disputes. Don’t bother disputing the same negative listing more often than once every ninety days.

8. Thou shalt use inaccuracies and inconsistencies on your reports as examples of how the report is wrong. “You don’t even have my correct address. No wonder you’re showing me with late pays I don’t remember.”

9. Thou shalt take thy fight to thy creditors who reported the negative listings. After awhile, you’ll see which creditors are verifying the negative listings. Pick up the phone and give them a call.

10. Thou shalt stay on the ball! If a couple of weeks go by without you checking your credit report repair calendar, you’re blowing it! Stay on it or get some help, compadre.