Myths About Credit Repair & Credit Scoring

Myths About Credit Repair & Credit Scoring  myth

1. “Bad Credit Can’t Be Fixed.” Someone better tell credit unlimited that because they “fix” more bad listings per year than all of Congress tells whoppers.

2. “When I Pay Off a Delinquent Debt, it Doesn’t Hurt my Score Anymore”. If only that were true. The reality is, the payment of your delinquent debts often hurts your score.

3. “Some Negative Listings, Like Bankruptcy, Can’t be Deleted.” Again, someone better tell those cu credit guys, because they tons of bankruptcies deleted each year.

4. “A Whole Bunch of Good Credit Listings Will Outweigh Any Late Payments, Collections or Court Records.” Bad credit listings basically a-bomb your credit score. Handle the bad ones right away, then let your good credit shine through.

5. If I Close Some Credit Cards, my Score Will Go Up”. Do that, and your score will probably drop. Pay them off and let them ride.

6. The Credit Bureaus Are Sponsored/Owned By 1 or Are Good Friends with the Government/The Pope/Jesus. It’s Wrong to Tinker with My Score.” The bureaus and credit score people are for profit companies who sell your personal info for money. Let them look out for their interests and you out for yours. (Hey, its the american way and its your right under the law.)